Work Force Solutions


IT Staff Augmentation Solutions

With technology changing so fast and increasing demand for quality and adherence from the customers, businesses face sector challenge in either recruiting or nurturing the right skills to meet the market needs.  Coastal Gateway Limited is focused on developing core competencies and regularly train and update all our talent to be at par with the global trends. We focus on Convenience, Flexibility and Efficiency to be delivered to our clients. We keep updating our database of human resource to provide unmatched and unparalleled talent to meet our client’s requirements and help in their business growth.

During the staff augmentation process, we utilize an optimal strategy to meet objective C and the vision of the organization that will be realized over time. You believe that the hiring process has to be effective whether it is for a permanent or temporary position. We believe that the relationship has to be a long term and will be mutually trusted and benefitted. Our methods of staff augmentation help our clients reduce their time and cost.

Features of our Staff Augmentation Solutions are

  •  Transparent and Committed Approach.
  •  Higher Productivity.
  •  Trained Professionals.
  •  Quick project turnaround.
  •  A large pool of Candidates.

Features of our Contract Staffing Solutions include

  •  Local and National Recruitment
  •  HR Management and Payroll
  •  Hourly and Daily Contracts

Contract Staffing Solutions

Coastal Gateway Limited brings you creative staffing solutions that are agile to meet the drastic demand for talent in today’s world. No matter the contract duration like short term assignments, seasonal placement or workforce management. We have been recognized to provide quicker access to qualified human resource and the best approach to match the right associate resulting in good business results. Our workforce solutions give you increased flexibility to manage seasonal fluctuations and deliver in a critical opportunity. The need for Temporary Contract staffing allows the client to choose when and where the resource is required. We have designed this staffing solution to tackle competitive business environment by compensating workload fluctuations, staff shortage, and special projects.

Coastal Gateway Limited assures that the best talent is assigned for your contract who has hands-on experience in emerging technologies and trends. We provide you absolute flexibility to ramp up or reduce your team size based on your project requirements.

Permanent Staffing Solutions

The best organizations in the world have succeeded not because of the people they employ but with the set of people with required skills, attitude and knowledge. This is because of the permanent staffing for key operations in the organizations. Permanent organization sent staff in the company define the quality of the work and the standards of the company. They have been successful in bringing out the best in them and get the tasks done. But hiring the right set of talent is time consuming and costly process. To compensate and meet this demand, Coastal Gateway Limited referred to as one of the best recruiters in Hyderabad have been offering permanent staffing solutions for numerous local and multinational companies.

Coastal Gateway Limited has in-depth experience in hiring the right set of people and a clear picture of industry demands for the talent with practice that has proven best in standards and industry. We provide business efficient, measurable and flexible options to manage the hiring process. We provide permanent staffing solutions across various industries such as IT Industry, Manufacturing, FMCG and Consumer Durables from a fresher to an expert. We empower our clients with the right set of talent the support of Coastal Gateway Limited domain specialized recruitment teams.