Data Security


Coastal Gateway Limited primary goal of Auditing is to achieve a comprehensive security code audit to authenticate resource and asset behavior thoroughly for Machines, Operating Systems & APIs and we remain focused on these for web applications.

Sources of data for the central repositories of Enterprise Software move out from being in-house to the Cloud; connected by the internet and other publicly accessed networking mechanisms. Data is sourced from devices of choice; laptops, smart phones, and tablets or wearable’s possessed by all the stakeholders; workforce, vendors and customers. The touch points are varied too. E-Commerce, Social Media and BYOD changes the way data is captured and exchanged.

The data accessible with this flexible and open approach is more than vulnerable to privacy violations and misuses. The chances of both accidental and intentional data damage increase manifold. Data security is very significant today and compliance to data privacy norms becomes stringent and legally mandatory.

Services for Data Security

Classification and identification of sensitive data

  •  Vulnerability Assessment
  •  Multi Perimeter Data Security strategizing

International laws and standards compliances

  •  ISO 27001
  •  Verifications


Logical Security for Data

  •  Encryption and screening
  •  Password and Authentication
  •  User Authorization
  •  Data and File activity monitoring
  •  Reports and log generation
  •  Alerts and alarms integration
  •  Quarantining malware