About Company


Who We Are

Coastal Gateway is a technology-centric organization, which is one of the most trusted companies in India. We grabs every opportunity to work in any technology beginning with their beta version. Coastal Gateway offers custom software development services on diverse technology platforms, like Microsoft, Java, PHP, AWS and Mobile Apps. Our mission is to help enterprises accelerate the adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and orchestrate ongoing innovation.

What We Do

We have a team of 100+ skilled software developers having hands-on experience in delivering rewarding solutions in different platforms. Coastal Gateway has dedicated teams, aligned to technology, processes, domains and necessary tools, called “Centre of Excellence”. From large enterprise organizations to small startups, we has designed solutions for any project size, any complexity and in many industries.

Coastal Gateway Profile

Existing Training Scope

All the fresh engineers employed will undergo rigorous training for a period of 3 months during which they learn the hard way, the skills of programming, testing and debugging. Python is the chosen programming language as the company Coastal Gateway is more motivated towards building products using Python, as we understand that’s another way to contribute towards the Free Software Community.

The training period is more concentrated towards building expertise in the domains like Natural Language Processing ( NLP ), Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Some basic Math like Linear Algebra, Statistics required to understand the niche concepts of the above-specified domains are also part of the training. The frameworks like pandas, Keras, related to building intelligent and neural network systems are also included as part of the training …

The most attractive part of the training calendar is about making the engineers self-sustainable so that they develop the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn any new technologies and domains that may be required in future.

Finally, we build a team which is immune to changing scenarios of the Information Age …

Recruitment Process

Currently, we select engineers purely based on the aptitude test, followed by a personal interview during which we check and verify whether the job aspirants have the ability to learn by analysing the scenario. The HR team would verify the ethics and moral commitment of the job aspirants. The technical team and the HR team finally collaborate and decide on hiring the engineers. Once the engineer is hired, she is subjected to the rigorous training process as outlined above …

Training Process

The training will be 100% hands-on making the participants get the complete clarity of any concept. The training will be provided by senior corporate trainers and developers who share their invaluable experiences without engineers. Every theoretical concept is followed by a case study which the engineers will implement with the help of our trainers.


As far as the technical team is concerned, we have not only regular on roll engineers, but we also have senior consultants who keep guiding and supervising the complete ongoing training and product development. The engineers on roll have been divided into teams of size 4 or 5 members and have a leader to lead. The entire team will be reporting to the Technical Director of the company.

Why Choose Coastal Gateway Limited

We strongly believe that “Customer is the King”. At Coastal Gateway, we value our clients and thus work in a flexible environment for the software development process which can be easily adjusted as per clients’ requirements. These teams help customers with any technology glitches and provide the best solution for every service we offer. This brings confidence to the customers for getting the most cost-effective and best quality solutions for their needs. We specialize in solving complex business challenges using the thought process and information technology.om large enterprise organizations to small startups, QSP has designed.

Our Approach

we take pride in the solutions we deliver. We encourage each other to achieve excellence in all endeavours and aren’t satisfied until projects meet our own personal high standards. Please take a look at Our Process page to see how we will bring your project.

Our Vision

Coastal gateway has dedicated professional expert teams for various verticals like IT management, staffing, E-commerce solutions from B2B to B2C.Our highlights are Dedicated support, Team work,Cost Effective,End to End solutions.

Our Quality

Quality is a word we use often. But here, we mean it. At Digital Crew, each project, large or small, is assigned a quality controller who is typically another application developer who has not worked directly on the project.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help enterprises accelerate adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and orchestrate ongoing innovation. Whether it is a consumer oriented app or transformative enterprise-class solution, the company leads the process from ideation and concept to delivery, and provides ongoing support.